Building Vs. Buying: Which is right for you?

One of the more exciting things in a person's life is moving into their first home. Even if you're not a first time homeowner, maybe you're ready to move on to better things! The question is, do you build your own custom, forever home or buy a move-in-ready place?


The thought of starting from scratch with a dirt-packed lot and creating your own vision can be kind of scary. Can they make a home that fills every need on your list? When building, you get what you want and nothing you don't. You're in charge! Pick a floor plan and watch it come to life. Choices for flooring, tiles, cabinets, doors, appliances and more are endless and it can be a little overwhelming, but once it all comes together you'll get to stand back and say "I built my vision". Now it's not always as fun as it sounds. Building is a process that can take 14 weeks or more depending on conditions. Custom homes can sometimes be costly, but if you're wanting to get exactly what you want, it's worth it.


When you're ready to move and don't want to waste another second living in that cramped apartment or mom's basement, then buying a ready-to-go spec home is what you want to look into. Spec houses are usually ready to be occupied within 30-45 days of purchase. Having a brand new, ready to move into home is very convenient. Even though you have less say in the selections of the home (Compared to building new when where you get to pick all of your finishings), the floor plan is more up-to-date than a pre-owned home and having brand new appliances is always a nice perk. 

Whether you want to build a custom home of your own or purchase an existing home, there are many things to consider. Make sure you evaluate all of your options, and talk through ideas to see what the right choice is. Good luck!