Date Night at Home

Want to have a great night with your sweetheart but feel like you can't because you're pinching pennies? Don't sweat it! You can have a great, below-budget, date night from the comfort of your own home by following these simple tips!

Head to the Grocery Store. Get whatever it is you may need for a perfect night. Want to have a five-star meal? Head over to your local grocery store and buy your fresh ingredients to cook an amazing dinner. Our team loves to cook stir-fry. All you need are a few peppers, onions, some noodles and whatever protein you'd like to add (consider trying teriyaki marinated tofu for a healthy and delicious alternative!). You can cook a tasty meal for less than the cost of one entree at most restaurants, leaving you with enough money to buy some wine or dessert!

Make the Old Feel New Much of the allure of going out on a date is getting out of the house and going somewhere new. Not many people want to "get away" by sitting on their same old couch. To combat this, transform your space. Rearrange the furniture, add some string lights for ambiance, light candles or play mood music. Do whatever you can to make your living room feel brand new.

Turn Off Electronics. This is just a general date night rule, but it bears repeating. Pay attention to your loved one! 

If You Still Feel Like You Need To Get Out, Then Get Out. Sometimes you need to leave the house, we get that. Don't feel confined to your home when you commit to having date night at home. Eat outside, take a walk, or go for a ride together.

No matter what you do, the most important thing is that you spend time with those who mean the most to you.