Best Resources for Relocating in CoMo

Moving can be exhausting. You're literally picking your entire life up and planting new roots. With all of the things you have to worry about when relocating, you're bound to need some help, so we've compiled a list of our favorite resources in the Columbia area for those who are moving to take advantage of. This way you can take (some of) the stress out of the process and enjoy your beautiful new home!

Relocating In Columbia Magazine and Website: This magazine is a wonderful and comprehensive guide to everything you can possibly need when moving to a new home. Be sure to check this magazine out as your first step to making the transition to your new home.

Hire Movers: You might think you can do it alone, and maybe you can, but hiring movers to help you on the big day makes a world of a difference. You'll save time and your back by having a few extra hands around, and that pays for itself! We love Gaines Moving and Delivery, they're great guys and very professional, so give them a call at (573)-817-2792 when it comes time for you to move!

Get to Know Your New Neighborhood: Columbia is a large town and it has SO much to offer. It can oftentimes feel like you're in a totally different town depending on where you are. There are more than 200 unique restaurants in CoMo, and plenty of boutiques and small businesses scattered around town that you might miss some of the best qualities of your new neighborhood. Be sure to check Yelp for suggestions for restaurants in different parts of town, and keep up with our Girard Homes blog to read about our favorite things to do in Mid-Missouri!

Be Sure to Set Up Utilities and Internet: It would be a shame if you finally get to your new home, unpack everything and once you're ready to relax you realize you have no power or internet service! Many realtors will help take care of this for you (we do here at Girard Homes), but if not, be sure to contact the City of Columbia Water and Light office at (573) 874-7325 and the Boone Electric Cooperative at (573) 449-4181 so you can have everything all set for move-in day. 

Figure Out Where Your Closest Clinic and Post Office Are: You might have to go to a new quick care clinic or post office now that you're in a new part of town. There are two Hyvee Quick Care Clinics, one on Nifong Boulevard for those who live on the South side of town and one on Conley Road for those who live on the North side of town. You can also go to Providence Urgent Care, also on Nifong if you're near the Southwest side of town, or Brodway Urgent Care on Broadway Boulevard for those closer to the East side. 

Stock Up On Boxes: You can easily buy boxes from any packing and shipping store for a small fee, or you can run into Sam's Club or Walmart near the end of the day and ask them if they have any boxes they're willing to give away. You'll almost always need more boxes than you think you'll need, so you can never have too many!