Having difficulty selling your home? A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference.

Are you looking to build a new home, however, you are having a difficult time selling your current home?

According to an article on BuildeOnline.com. “A Phoenix-area home was on the market for two years. The desperate owners continually dropped the asking price. One day a real estate investor sniffed a bargain and discovered the property was discounted at $90,000 below market value. Hmmmm …

Detecting a gift horse, the investor immediately offered $100,000 below asking price in cash with a 10-day close. The owners snapped it up. Just 17 days later the investor re-listed and sold the home within a day at nearly full market value, netting a huge, fast profit.

What changed? Exterior and interior color, of course.”

Add color to get top dollar.

Your home’s elevation is the first impression that a potential buyer has of your home. Outdated bland siding can give a bad first impression and make the buyer swipe to the next before they give your home a chance. Updating the color of the outside of your home can help you standout in today’s competitive market. This is a relatively inexpensive way for you to upgrade the look of your home to help sell your home quicker and for a higher asking price.

You don’t need to completely renovate a home to get top dollar for your home. Repainting the interior of your home will help your home feel newer, cleaner and updated. Photos for your home will turn out better and when the potential buyers enter your home they will get the sense that the home has been updated and has less work to do once they move in. The smell of freshly a freshly painted home will last weeks and give home buyer the feeling that the home is newer than it actually is.

$6,000 Door

According to a recent research report done by Zillow the color of your front door can deeply impact the sales price of your home. Front doors painted charcoal, smoky black or jet black added $6,271 to the closing price. If the color of your door can make a $6,000 difference imagine what painting the interior and exterior will do.