Weed Elimination Guide

You work so hard watering, fertilizing and tending to your garden all spring and now that you can kick back and enjoy all of your hard work, you notice that your garden is overrun by weeds! Don't fret. this helpful guide will help you identify and eliminate those pesky garden invaders!

Crab Grass

Crab grass looks quite similar to your regular grass and can appear in your lawn or your mulched garden in both sunny and shady conditions. This weed is extra tough and insidious, but it's not impossible to combat! Mulch, though not 100 percent of the time, helps to prevent crab grass growth, and spraying preventative herbicide is also incredibly helpful. If some crab grass does sprout though, pulling it by its roots is the most effective method of elimination.


These might just be the prettiest weed we encounter but that doesn't make dandelions any less annoying! These frustrating flower wannabes can grow in the sun and the shade. Once mature, these yellow flowers turn into puffballs and though it's tempting to blow them off and make a wish, their seeds spread out and pave the way for even more weeds. It's a little bit harder to pull these up with your hands and get theit roots, so we suggest spraying a lawn-safe herbicide so as not to damage your grass. 


Purslane can actually be quite pretty as a succulent, but only when you want it around. These sneaky buggers thrive in dry, sunny areas and always seem to peek up in the cracks of sidewalks or driveways. Because their roots are often inaccessible, we find it best to spray purslane with a strong herbicide, you don't need to worry about it killing your grass if it's on your sidewalk. After a few days go back and check on your weeds, if they're shriveled up and dead, go ahead and pick them out now, but you may need to do another round of spraying. 

Canada Thistle

This is by far the worst weed. Known as "stickers" these nasty weeds have sharp, spiny thorns sticking out from its leaves. Canada thistle is resilient, it can grow in your lawn, in your garden, in mulched areas, in between concrete, basically anywhere. Beware of this prickly weed because it hurts! Since the leaves are sharp, you may want to stick to spraying an herbicide, but, unfortunately, we oftentimes find that these stickers are unfazed by many different types of herbicide. You may find that you'd rather just throw on a thick pair of gloves and rip these up from their roots. 


Happy gardening!