How To Protect Your Home During Winter Weather

 Winter can be a beautiful time, waking up to freshly fallen snow, twinkling lights brightening up the night, and the crisp air that makes everything feel new again are all great. But, winter also brings bitterly cold temperatures and dangerous icy conditions that threaten not only the road, but your home too. The team here at Girard Homes wants to ensure that you're taking the right steps to keep you and your home safe, so we've done our research and made this quick and easy list to help you protect your home from treacherous winter weather.

  1. Keep extra batteries around to power all of your essential devices. Just in case the power goes out you'll want to be sure that you have working flashlights, radios, and space heaters.

  2. tock up on kerosene or wood. If you plan to use a heating source such as a fireplace or a wood burning stove, you should have more than enough fuel to get you through the storm.

  3. Keep extra blankets and coats wherever you go. Again, winter storms, especially ice storms, are notorious for knocking out your power, so staying warm is a necessity.

  4. f you can, trim the tree branches near your home. When tree limbs accumulate ice they get weighed down, and this makes them fall, potentially causing damage to your home.

  5. nplug all appliances and keep just one light on. Only do this after your power has gone out. If everything is still plugged in and trying to use electricity, the risk of a damaging power surge increases. Keep one light on to be able to tell when the power turns back on.

  6. Run water through your pipes, even if it is just dripping. Running water through your pipes will prevent the pipes from freezing or bursting, resulting in costly repairs. Even if your faucet is only dripping, keep it running.

We hope you stay warm and safe during this ice storm and the rest of the winter. Once the weather clears up, be sure to visit the Girard Homes Model Home at 1100 Shallow Ridge Circle in Columbia, Missouri, or stop by our newest model home opening January 21st at 16053 Talladega Drive in Ashland, Missouri, to see the latest innovations in and powering heating your home.