Get to Know the Nest Thermostat #TechTuesday

Happy Tuesday from Girard Homes! Each week, we'll highlight some of the innovative technology that comes as a standard feature in your new custom home. This week, we're focusing on the Nest Learning Thermostat!

One of the coolest things about the Nest Thermostat is that it learns how to program itself based on your schedule and preferences. For example, if you like your house to be a bit warmer in the morning, over time Nest will set itself to heat up to your ideal temperature as you are waking up. Nest also saves you money automatically by turning itself down when nobody is in the home, Nest does this by using its built in motion sensor or by connecting to your phone, laptop or tablet so you can automatically alert Nest to when you leave the home.

Speaking of its built in motion sensor, Nest is "farsighted" and will automatically turn on its light up display if it sees you in the room, so you can always make sure that your Nest Thermostat is set at exactly where you want it. 

Your Nest will also display a small green leaf on its screen whenever your nest is set a temperature that will save you energy and money, this allows you to rest easy and comfortably knowing that your Nest Thermostat is working to keep you happy and save you money.